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Which Ad Strategy To Use To Avoid Poor Ranking From Google.

When we start a website, whether it is for blogging or business website, we come up with different ways on how to monetize it. One of the best methods that are being used by many people is placing ads. If a website is known for receiving a huge traffic, then this site can benefit by placing ads on it to make money.

If you have a habit of showing irrelevant ads on your website, your business will be ignored by many Americans, this is according to research by InsightsOne. If your website has a lousy advertisement, it means that the users will have poor experience, which might harm your Google ranking. Many people have always struggled to know how they can advertise on their site without affecting their ratings.

For this reason, there have been a group of people who have embraced the use of popunder ads. The popup ads are not effective anymore as many people will close them immediately once they show up. The popunder ads are different and many websites are using them.

The popunder ads are known for opening on a different tab of the browser. This way, they don’t interfere with the user and they are only noticed once the user closes the browser. These ads are also very effective since the user will get a chance to read them after they are done with their content.

Google is becoming stricter on the ads since the majority of the traffic is coming from mobile. Sites that are known for misusing the pop ads are getting poor ratings which affect their traffic.

Those who wish to get the best experience with their ads can target their audience. Let’s take an example of someone who is browsing S:CRAFT for shutters and a weight loss ad appears, then this ad would be irrelevant. If you want to succeed, make sure that you target your audience.

You should also avoid tricking your visitors into clicking the ads. A good example would be the use of fake “close” button on your ads. When your visitors click on this button, instead of closing the ad, they are taken to another webpage that has more ads.

When you use misleading terminologies and other restrictive nature to your content, then your users will have poor experience with your site. Poor ranking is translated by the poor experience that your clients get from your website.

When you use better ads, you will get better ratings. Popunder ads have proven not to affect the rating of your website. The reason why these ads are important is that they don’t take the attention of your readers away from your site. You can check out our website for more website management tips.